The Precipice

Workshop Showcase Performances

Apr 12 2013 - Apr 13 2013

Please attend one of the showcase performances on our main stage at 7:30pm on Friday, April 12th and Saturday, April 13th, open to those who’ve donated to the work’s kickstarter video, as well as the general public, with a suggested donation at the door. RSVP at

Z Space is thrilled to welcome Miranda Jones to a technical residency here for the development of her opera The Precipice. The work originated out of recording sessions at TRI Studios helmed by Bob Weir (of Grateful Dead fame); the work's path from collection of songs, to cabaret musical, to large scale multimedia-opera-in-progress is a fascinating story which is beautifully told on the production’s website.

A genre-defying, highly collaborative spectacular, The Precipice merges multiple forms of storytelling onstage, including aerial silks, acrobatics, puppetry, masks, video projections, and more.

This “dark fairy tale” is a story of “two lonely girls, Iris—destined to be a debutante, and Hippolyta—born into servitude. We follow these two girls as they navigate their friendship in a world that strives to keep them from one another and from their own passion and independence. It is about the walk we each must make along our own Precipices, falling sometimes down into a place of selfishness, weakness, and ego, and sometimes rising up into our place of grace, strength, and kindness.”