New Work

Z Space always has several new works in various stages of development. Our behind-the-scenes work with every project is unique and continues over the course of several years, ensuring that the stage is set for a successful world premiere.  We facilitate the artists’ exploration of their own creative paths and encourage their investigation of expanded possibilities for their visions. Our hope is that no matter what the end product is we have learned something new in the process and the result will inevitably be a more richly textured and exhilarating piece of theater.


Presented by Z Space and Encore Theatre Company

Mar 8 7:00 PM

When modern-day physicist Sophie discovers the secret to time travel and is snubbed by her male coworkers, she travels back to meet her idol: Isaac Newton in the year 1666, on the brink of discovering his Theory of Universal Gravitation. Infusing hilarious historical sendup with the sexy sounds of 2016, Gravity is a fresh and delightful story of romance, time travel, feminism, and the art of science. Created by Joel Chapman, Weston Gaylord, Matt Herrero, Jessia Hoffman, and Ken Savage.

This reading is free. RSVP strongly encouraged. Click ticketing link.

A House Tour

of the Infamous Porter Family Mansion with Tour Guide Weston Ludlow Londonderry

Mar 29 - Apr 24

A House Tour of the Infamous Porter Family Mansion with Tour Guide Weston Ludlow Londonderry is a one man play in the form of a surreal and occasionally unreal journey through the former home of a tremendously wealthy and eccentric couple, Hubert and Clarissa Porter. Audiences will be guided through an expansive mansion/compound (imagined in a theatre space), a structure that physically tells the story of the absurdly wealthy couple’s journey towards eccentricity, insanity, and sudden mysterious isolation from the outer world.

Friends of the Porter Family Mansion

Experience (and support) House Tour in a fun and unique way!

at Z Space March 29 - April 24

Have you ever wanted to support the preservation of a fake mansion? 
Have you ever wanted to be a test body in rehearsals for a fake tour through a fake mansion led by one hilarious actor?
Have you ever wanted your name printed on the wall of a fake visitor center that you can proudly show your family and friends?

We really really hope so! Z Space is offering a limited number of “Friends of the Porter Family Mansion” premium tickets that, in addition to a ticket for House Tour, includes intimate behind the scenes access to the making of the play, plus some fun perks to boot!  


Presented by Z Space and piece by piece productions

Apr 6 - Apr 17

Julian Crouch and Saskia Lane's Birdheart - An intimate theatre piece of animated puppetry with a sheet of brown paper and a box of sand. A show about transformation, loneliness, and the urge to fly, Birdheart holds a hand-mirror up to humanity and offers it a chair. Through a series of animated images built in front of the audiences' eyes Birdheart creates something achingly beautiful from the humblest of beginnings.


presented by Z Space, Encore Theatre Company, and piece by piece productions

Coming Fall 2016 to Z Below

Weightless builds on The Kilbanes’ distinct style: a genre-bending theatrical event that combines intimate storytelling with a high-energy rock show. Weightless is an adaptation of the story of Procne and Philomela found in Ovid’s Metamorphoses: two sisters bound by deep love are separated by a vengeful god and must travel across worlds to find their way back together.  In Weightless, the cast and the band are one and the same, blurring the line between actors and musicians, between straight musical theater and concert.

LEVYDance Alone Together

Presented by Z Space

June 7th - 11th

In partnership with LEVYDance, Z Space brings a new performance installation called Alone Together. This production utilizes the same state of the art technology used in Comfort Zone, which debuted in 2013 at the Exploratorium’s West gallery Black Box. The installation integrates choreography into a virtual interactive experience, exploring themes of group dynamics, choice, and social boundaries.

Visual Design by Garance Marneur

The Wholehearted

Conceived and Created by Stein I Holum Projects

September 7-11

The Wholehearted is the story of Dee Crosby, a former championship boxer who after surviving a near-fatal attack by her husband tries to make a comeback in boxing and in life. Inspired by a true story, this duet for performer and live videographer is a ruthless look at violence in sports—and in the name of love. The work was commissioned by ArtsEmerson and will continue development at La Jolla Playhouse and finish with a two week residency with 5 shows at Z Space before launching a national tour.


The Z Space Technical Development Residency Program gives artists uninterrupted time and a professional space to explore ideas, create, and rehearse in order that their work might achieve its greatest potential. The technical residecy includes access to a fully equipped 42' by 64' stage with quality lighting, sound and projection equipment, technical staff, design resources, artistic support, project management and consultation as needed with Z Space senior staff on resource development and fundraising. Although a Z Space technical residency may or may not include a performance of a work-in-progress to the public, they are integral to Z Space’s mission of supporting new work. Our hope is that no matter what the end product is we have learned something new in the process and the result will inevitably be a more richly textured and exhilarating piece of theater.  

Past Recipients of Z Space technical residencies include Marc Bamuthi Joseph (for Red, Black & GREEN: A Blues), LEVYdance (ROMP), Stacey Printz, Bad Unkl Sista, Joe Goode Performance Group, Sara Shelton Mann, and Sarah Wilson & Catch Me Bird (for Off the Walls).

If you have question about The Z Space Technical Development Residency Program, please contact Production Director Drew Yerys at

Finding partners and collaborators in all sectors will enhance and strengthen our commitment to our community, which is crucial to the success of creating great art.

We are proud to partner with other organizations in the Bay Area and around the globe. These partnerships take on all shapes and sizes, from artistic development and co-production to community engagement and technical or financial support.

Our doors are open to those eager to be challenged and experience art at its highest artistic level and are driven by the exploration of new forms.

Recognizing the invaluable fruits of an informal relationship with a broad array of artists, Z Space Artistic Associates provide an invisible arena where the seeds of transformative new works may germinate far from the pressure to produce.

As Artistic Associates, these people contribute to the development of new work at
 Z Space.  They are the foundation of the creative work that is happening behind our doors.

Z Space's Artistic Associates:

  • Adam Bock
  • Mark Jackson
  • Beth Wilmurt
  • Peter Sinn Nachtrieb
  • Abigail Nesson Bengson
  • Shaun Bengson
  • Nina Ball
  • Gabe Maxson
  • Michelle Maxson
  • Shelley Carter
  • James Faerron
  • Marcus Shelby
  • Margo Hall
  • Steve Yockey
  • Drew Yerys
  • Cristobal McKinney
  • Frances Lee McCain
  • Anne Galjour
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Show Ho Oct 2015

Sara Moore, San Francisco’s acclaimed human cartoon, returns to Z Space on Thursday, October 8, 2015, at 7:30 PM, with her one-woman, multi-character-morphing smash hit,... more

On the Z Space main stage at 450 Florida St.


red, black and GREEN: a blues Sep 2015

red, black & GREEN: a blues (rbGb) is a visceral and moving hybrid performance work that brings the stories and voices of Black America... more

Created by Marc Bamuthi Joseph/The Living Word Project Directed by Michael John Garcés Set/Installation Concept and Design by Theaster Gates


California: The Tempest Jun 2015

Cornerstone Theater Company arrives at Z Space for a stop on their epic, year-long, ten-city, decade-in-the making, once-in-a-lifetime, world premiere theatrical road-trip across the... more

Written by Alison Carey Directed by Michael John Garcés

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Hookman May 2015

"Hookman Slays It!" — Mark Rudio for A Beast in a Jungle

It’s freshman year of college and Lexi&rsquo... more

Directed by Becca Wolff


Heart of Darkness May 2015

Based on Joseph Conrad’s classic novel, Heart of Darkness is a powerful opera that portrays the greedy world of ivory smugglers in... more

Composer: Tarik O’Regan Librettist: Tom Phillips


Middlemarch in Spring Mar 2015

An idealistic woman tries to improve the world and blunders at love in this romantic, deliciously satirical new opera based on George Eliot&rsquo... more

On Z Space's Main Stage at 450 Florida St.

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Hidden Fields Mar 2015

Fusing physics, 3d capture, and real-time computing, Hidden Fields is a performance which interprets humans as fields whose movement creates ripples and waves in... more

View Gallery View Videos N/A

The Wooster Group’s Early Shaker Spirituals Feb 2015

Z Space and piece by piece productions welcome the Wooster Group to San Francisco. The Wooster Group channels songs from the 1976 LP Early Shaker... more

Running time approx. 1 hour.


Killing My Lobster: Holidaze Dec 2014

The Lobsters once again team up with the Bay Area’s best new works company, Z Space, for the third iteration of this... more

Directed by Dan Wolf Hosted by Nato Green with the musical stylings of Soul-a-ti aka Tommy Shepherd


Arguendo Oct 2014

Elevator Repair Service—the innovative company that created Gatz—comes to Z Space with their newest show, Arguendo. The piece tackles Barnes... more

Upstairs on Z Space's Main Stage at 450 Florida St.

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